CI/CD Databases with Liquibase

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Why choosing Liquibase?

Liquibase Hierarchy of Changes

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  • Change Types are types of individual operations deployed into the database, such as adding a column or a primary key (See all available Change Types here).
  • ChangeSet is a unit of change that groups Change Types. There are four formats you can use for database changes: SQL, XML, JSON, and YAML.
  • Changelog is the master file with a list of ChangeSets in sequential order.

Liquibase Plugin for Maven

Project Structure

├── db
│ ├── changelog-master.yml
│ └── changes
│ ├── 001_createTablePerson.yml
│ ├── 002_addColumnUsername.yml
│ └── 003_addLookupTableState.yml
├── pom.xml
└── src
├── main
│ └── java
│ └──
└── test

Setting up the pom.xml

Defining the Changes

Setting up the Changelog

Running the Update

$ mvn liquibase:update

DevOps Workflow

Step One: Checkout changes from source control

Step Two: Update the database schema

Step Three: Deploy the application




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